We are aware of the disquiet about the introduction of Identifiable Client Level Data ( ICLD) that has become part of contracting for organisations that are funded via MSD for services.

There has been a lot of work done in Wellington in an attempt to discuss the privacy issues with Minister Tolley and her staff and this culminated in the release of the Privacy Officer’s report.

At about the same time as his report was made public there was a widely publicised breach of privacy where one organisation was able to access another’s information via the MSD collection site.

Attached here is media release 12.04.17 from Com Voices which we urge you all share as widely as possible, because now, organisations are in the difficult position of still being required to collect information while breaking privacy laws.uple of our larger network members are holding public meetings and one will be inviting politicians from all parties to discuss this fraught issue.  Others are taking their concerns directly to their representative MPS, be they National or from any other party.

Can I encourage you all to also discuss what your issues are regarding the ICLD in similar ways.  Especially Government MPs need to know what you and your communities feel about this form of data collection and how you think it may affect your work in their community.  Without hearing this, many MPs will not be aware of your concerns.

In the meantime Wellington sector representatives are continuing to try to reach out to Ministers Tolley, English and Ngaru offering to work with them to find a way that data is collected without collateral harm to our vulnerable people who access these services.

We are asking please, can you email us if you would consider meeting to ensure your views are representative of your members and affiliated organisations, and anything else that you deem will help bring this issue to some resolution that works for everyone.  Please also share out the attached media release to your members, local newspapers, and any other outlet that may be interested.

If you wish to be involved in a follow up, email info@socialink.org.nz