Concerns have been raised with us that in 2016 the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) began asking NGOs for “individual client-level

data” as a condition of funding. Some NGOs have been asked to provide personal client information

(name, date of birth, primary ethnicity, iwi, gender, geographic area, dependants’ names and dates of birth, service-level information and service results information)

or they will not be funded for that client. Previously NGOs provided information on the services they had delivered, such as the number of clients served, rather than information about individual clients.

 The Office of the Privacy Commissioner is inquiring into this matter and we want to hear from NGOs that have clients who will be affected.

We have prepared a short, anonymous survey to help us with this inquiry.

This is your chance to have your say about how these contracts affect you and your clients.  The responses we receive will feed into our report.

If this issue impacts on your organisation and clients, please click the link below and complete the survey before 15 February.

Issues Paper prepared by ComVoices – ICLD Issues Paper Final

Complete the survey here