Implications of the MSD Social Investment approach

Here is the report prepared for a meeting between a number of social sector organisations in the Tauranga WBOP area that discusses issues on the MSD Community / Social Investment Approach for the social sector. Below are relevant links to the MSD website.  The notes from the meeting here.

Information about the establishment of the Vulnerable Children’s – Oranga Tamariki Ministry

 Community Investment Strategy and funding shifts

Characteristics of children at risk

 Social Investment – provides information about the risk factors and number of vulnerable children and young people by region/TLA/census area unit (go to data visulaisation)

 Includes information about what types of services will be funded for the three priority population groups/result areas

Results Management Framework

 Vulnerable Children’s Act 2014


An article by Mike O’Brien unpacking the concepts of ‘investment’, ‘vulnerable’ and ‘outcomes’ raises some critical reflection questions for social services: