We have all seen situations where people with different personalities, goals and needs struggled to work out their differences in a constructive way. As a consequence people are getting stressed, frustrated and distracted from what really matters.

The differences between people are impacting their interactions and (work) relationships no matter if those relationships are with clients, colleagues, suppliers or boards.

People can perceive and experience one and the same situation very differently. A healthy debate for one person can be experienced by another person as an emotionally draining conflict. People think, feel and react in different ways. While this diversity in people can be a valuable asset in the workplace and our community, diversity can at the same time be a source of conflict. We need to acquire new skills to maximise the opportunities that diversity brings and to minimise potential conflicts and misunderstandings.

Opportunities arise when people with diverse thoughts and skills understand how to acknowledge and use their individual differences for the greater good of their clients, team or organisation. On the flipside, conflicts emerge when people cannot see the value of each other and when they struggle to make people feel acknowledged and listened to.

In today’s world the skill of successfully working and interacting with people who are different is essential. The journey starts with developing ourselves to learn how we uncover and minimise our own biases, how we communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and how we resolve negative emotions and conflict between people.

If you are interested in developing the essential skill of how to successfully work with diverse people in a one day workshop please register your interest by emailing kathy@socialink.org.nz