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SociaLink exists to provide value adding support for non profit social sector groups, organisations and entities through information gathering, analysis and actions that facilitate networking, collaboration, learning, research and advocacy.

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The Digital Technology Pilot


Liz wanted to start a bring your dog to work policy, but as our office is really small and her dog is really big, plans had to be temporarily shelved. Fortunately she is very smart and persuasive, and has persuaded TECT to build a big shiny new building, big enough for herself, her dog and anyone else who’d like to join her.


Gordy is originally from Scotland. He had to move, as it was too cold to wear his huge collection of gaudy shirts (which are a real sight for sore eyes). He has been slowly adjusting to life in NZ by learning English. We can understand him most of the time, the rest of the time we just nod and stare hypnotically at his shirts.


Jodie is our very own Wonder Woman, we have lost count of the roles she has at SociaLink, but she somehow manages to find time to do the school run and kick butt at Roller Derby. Jodie loves to accessorise with unusual items of household furnishings; as a precaution we have decided to hide all the paper clips.


Tracy is our financial goddess, she loves budgets and forecasts, and is able to count using more than her own body parts. The rest of us are also very good at maths, and know that there is only one of her and that she was employed not a fraction too soon.


Kathy has been working in the social sector forever, and there is no one she doesn’t know. She can get you anything you need, no questions asked; and often has an abundance of things that she would like to get rid of, anything from bookmarks to bunnies.