The need to successfully secure funding is a necessity for most community/not for profit organisation and securing funding can be a time consuming activity. Below you will find information, for example, on how to write funding applications, local and national funders, a funding opportunity assessment tool and ideas on how to get sponsorship and/or donors. There is also a section on social enterprises.

Fundraising plan
The most important step in successful fundraising is planning. Take time to draw up a fundraising plan and think through strategies that will achieve your goals.

Funding Opportunity Assessment Tool
This tool will help you evaluate whether a funding opportunity makes strategic sense and is feasible for your organisation.

Applying for funds
Funding application checklist

Writing funding applications
A practical guide to writing funding applications, designed for charities and voluntary sector organisations.


Funding 101: How to write effective funding applications
Article from The Big Idea on top tips on writing successful applications

Grant-Application Writing Examples – Strategic Grants
Examples of poorly and well-written grant-applications provided by Strategic Grants as an illustration of best-practice grant-writing. It is not intended to be used as a template for grant-writers.

How NZ Non profits Are Fundraising With Events in 2019
Survey of over 600 event creators in Australia and New Zealand, including 136 non profits, about how they use events to fundraise.


Comprehensive half-day Grant-Seeker Workshops provide the processes, tools and skills to implement or grow effective grant-seeking in non for profits.

Sustainable Funding
A one day or two hour express workshop that helps organisations develop a sustainable funding plan.


Professional Fundraisers

Funding Connection Ltd

Funding Connection is a national funding consultancy service showing schools, sports clubs and other not-for-profit organisations how to compile concise funding applications for maximum impact! We work with you to help you find your words to tell your story. My fee is $70 per hour which is capped at 10 hours and there is no GST component. You are only charged for the time used which includes after hours at no extra cost. As the first application forms a template, you will be able to create subsequent applications from this, thus minimizing my time needed.


Helen Whitcombe
027 239 6161

Katharine Birks is an experienced fundraiser. She is visionary, looks outside the square and always sets the bar high. Over 25 years she has consulted for a range of projects and causes. Her fundraising experience began in Australia, primarily in major gift fundraising much of it within the tertiary sector. Since moving to the Bay of Plenty she has worked for a variety of organizations providing advice and support in fundraising strategy, major gifts, impact philanthropy, grant writing and regular giving.  She provides services on a monthly retainer basis calculated at $40 per hour for a minimum of 150 hours per year or for special one-off projects at $50 an hour with a minimum fee of $1500.00.

Katharine can be contacted at katharinebirks@gmail.com  & 0277150580

Disclaimer: SociaLink does not take responsibility nor can it be held liable for advice given by service providers  

Funding sources

Regional Funding Calendar (developed by SociaLink)
Possible grant funders Tauranga WBOP

Local and national funders and contacts (as per 1 July 2019)
Paula Hudson
Operations & Grants Manager
E. paula@tect.org.nz
M. 021 448366 

Sam Cummins 
Community Funding and Policy Manager
E: sam@BayTrust.org.nz
M: 027 77 23235

Margot McCool
Donor and Community Engagement Manager 
E: margot@acornfoundation.org.nz
M: 027 245 5142

Dept of Internal Affairs (Lotteries etc) 
Jenny Steadman
Community Advisor
E: Jenny.Steadman@dia.govt.nz
mobile 027 295 3214 

National funders
For national grants the best place to look is at Generosity NZ (givUS) which is free if you have a library membership. Access through the Tauranga library website  or Western Bay of Plenty Libraries website

Government funding
Our government are amongst the most common funders of social services. Below some information about government contracts and accreditation

The Government Electronic Tendering Service (GETS) advertises all government contracts.  See www.gets.govt.nz . Your organisation will need to register Register as a Supplier and once registered it is possible to add your categories and regions so you will be notified of any opportunities that match your interests.

Supplier guidelines: https://www.procurement.govt.nz/suppliers/.
If your organisation is unsuccessful in a tender always ask for a debrief so you can understand why you were not successful and what you could improve on for next time (You can then also find out who was successful and how many agencies applied for the contract). There are also market engagement sessions where you can find out more about the way GETS works, these are advertised through GETS.

Social Service Accreditation process
To secure a social services government contract, organisations have to go through the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) provider accreditation processes. The MSD’s Social Services Accreditation accredits providers on behalf of

  • Work and Income
  • Ministry of Housing and Urban Development
  • Ministry for Youth Development
  • Oranga Tamariki – Ministry for Children
  • Ministry of Justice and Department of Corrections.

Any organisation that delivers social services and meets the applicable Social Sector Accreditation Standards (Levels 1-4)  (depending on the types of services that are being delivered) can apply to be accredited by Social Services Accreditation. Note: Accreditation does not guarantee funding from any government agency

Specific Service Guidelines/Specifications

ACC have Health and service providers guidelines


Sponsorship is when businesses and companies provide funds, resources or services to an organisation or group in return for rights and/or associations with the organisation or group

Information on Sponsorship
Types of sponsorship, who to approach and sponsorship proposals plus a Sample sponsorship agreement

Secret of Sponsorship
A one day workshop for schools, sports clubs, event organisers and non-profit organisations and explores the idea of developing business sponsorship for your organisation.


A donation is a gift for charity, humanitarian aid, or to benefit a cause. A donation may take various forms, including money, alms, services, or goods such as clothing, toys, food, or vehicles.

Donations Toolkit
Toolkit for individuals, groups and organisations seeking donations. It includes advice and suggestions for approaching, securing and keeping donors.

Tax benefits for charitable giving
The tax system encourages charitable giving by offering tax benefits for both individual and corporate giving.

Social Enterprises

Social enterprises are purpose-driven organisations that trade to deliver positive social, cultural and environmental impact. They are often profit-making businesses, but they reinvest profit in their purpose.

What is Social Enterprise?
Information from the Ākina Foundation, New Zealand’s leading impact development organisation.

Social enterprises and legal structure options in NZ
Options on legal structures for social enterprises

Social Enterprises: A Legal Handbook
An eBook on what you need to know to set up a social enterprise in New Zealand

Talking to people making a difference
SEEDS tells the stories of people making a positive impact with their lives. The interviews are with people involved in community organisations like social enterprises and entrepreneurs. Scroll down through the podcasts to find conversations like Reflecting on Social Enterprise in Aotearoa, New Zealand.