Friday 10 June

8.30am to 3.30pm at the Historic Village

An event bringing social sector organisations together to learn and develop professionally.

Below is a listing of the workshops complete with the presentation material and handouts.

  • Health & Safety and what the new legislation means to community organisations – David Wilkinson, Worksafe Assessment Manager explains and discusses the requirements and how to comply.
  • Your volunteer programme – does it fit your purpose? Iris Beemster – Volunteer WBOP. This workshop will look at how to develop and maintain an effective volunteer programme based on five stages of the Volunteer Programme Development Cycle.
  • Lotteries Heritage Marae Funding – Staff from Dept of Internal Affairs give a presentation on the requirements for applications to this fund.
  • NZ Navigator – NZ Navigator is a free online self-assessment tool designed for community organisations who are interested to take a step back and review where they are at. NZ Navigator will help you identify strengths, areas for development and then link you to resources that can help you get started on your development action plan. 
  • Developmental Evaluation for Beginners – Lisa Hickling – Calibrate Consultancy. Developmental Evaluation appears to be the latest concept in evaluation that has relevance for community organisations, not least as it is a current focus for funders. This evaluation focus is a bit broader than traditional evaluation and incorporates notions of organisational learning and development for continuous improvement.
  • Your Funding PlanJim Datson Having a funding plan won’t bring the money in but it will certainly help you understand which doors to open and how to attract money and support. This session will help you develop your funding planning skills to constantly improve your success.

Thanks to our local funders for being willing and available.

Bay Trust


Acorn Foundation

Lottery Grant Funding