What are we hoping to achieve?

  • Incoming Ministers of the key Government Agencies and Cabinet demonstrate how they value the role that the Social Sector agencies and NGO’s play in the Western Bay of Plenty.

Politicians and candidates will want to know:

  • How significant the social issues are to voters
  • Will voters change their voting choices based on
  • Housing issues
    • Homelessness
    • Home ownership
    • Tenancy standards
  • Poverty
    • Lifting tamariki and whānau out of poverty
  • Health
    • Inequitable outcomes for Māori health
    • Mental Health crisis
  • Drug abuse
  • Education
    • The health of our schools
    • Access for students with disability
    • Literacy
    • Differing achievement rates – Maori / non-Maori
  • Employment equality
    • In female dominated industries
    • For employees with disability

How you can influence Election ‘17

Engage in the Election process.

  • Share your organisation’s Election priorities with your community
  • Write handwritten letters to local MP’s and political candidates
  • Visit MP’s and political candidates, or invite them to an event you are hosting
  • Attend Election year forums and public meetings, and ask a question about your group’s Election priorities
  • Be ready with short brief statements about your priorities for political survey polls
  • Consider hosting or partnering with like agencies to hold an election year meeting.

Give it a go! The work you do matters!

Anything you can do will contribute to making a difference 


Highlight the voice of the people you work with


You don’t have to be an expert to ask the  questions        



Focus on your local MPs and candidates