Here in the Webb family household, we had a great Easter. Lots of sunshine, lots of ‘laxing out, lots of work around the house, lots of family chats and discussions about things important and unimportant and lots of eating with not too much chocolate. And down on the Strand things were going much the same, along with lots of music and laughter. It’s got to be the best time of year ever.

And now we’re turning our minds to the next big thing for SociaLink, which in my book is the launch of our major research project – Mapping the Social Sector. You’ve provided the information and we’ve done the hard yards, so now its nearly time to reveal all. Monday 14 May is a day to mark in your diaries because its more than just a ‘reveal all’ event. Its your information and we want you to see and understand what it means. And we want to understand your perspective on what the information means to you too. So mark out most of the day – 10am -4pm and join us to hear, discuss and understand. We will listen to your views, feed you, make you laugh (just a little) and hopefully give you a wider understanding of what this information means. Look out for more information in our newsletter soon.