27 March 2020

Day 2

Physical Isolation does not mean social Isolation.

What does my new ‘lockdown’ routine look like?

I was deeply inspired by two wonderful things yesterday.  The first was a message from a good friend and colleague who sent through his plan of action for the next period. He is a guy who gets so much achieved in his life despite living with a number of significant challenges which take plenty of time each day, you could say, to maintain the essentials. Here’s what he said, I hope it inspires you as much as it did me:

“I’ve worked up a mental daily bucket list too to guide my breaks, activity and social interactions, important for introverts. Moving stuff off social media is key for me.


Regular stretching – 10 minutes

Time with new kitten 10 minutes

Text/message a friend to check on their bubble

20 minutes outside in the sun

Cup of tea / coffee


Engage teens – minimum 10 minutes each 1:1 with Dad.

Time with Anne minimum 20 minutes

Read one chapter of my book

Prone stretch – 20 mins to end the day


The second was an article I saw on the Herald website. Its stories like this that show us there really are some incredible people in our world. We may not all be in a position to go as far as these folks have, but we can all do something. I think it speaks for itself so I’ll leave it there.

Covid 19 Coronavirus: Rest home staff move in with their residents



Be well and make the most of your bubble experience. Hopefully we’ll never get  second chance at this!!