Funding Sources to help with COVID effects

Community Capablity and Resilience Fund (CCRF)

Community groups around New Zealand can apply to a $36 million fund established to encourage locally-led solutions as communities rebuild and recover from COVID-19. Read more here…

WBOP COVID-19 Recovery Fund

Local funders TECT, Acorn Foundation, BayTrust and Tauranga City Council have announced a transition to phase two of their COVID-19 funding support, with an aim to help key Western Bay of Plenty community groups survive the medium-term impact of COVID-19. Read more here…

Fundraising Guidelines from the Charities Services

Under the Alert Levels many charities were unable to carry out traditional fundraising activities. New Zealand is at risk of further outbreaks until CO

Guidelines for Volunteers under Levels 1 – 4

Read more here…

Reimagine Us

Te Mahere Tautapa Whai Muri i te Covid-19 nā Te Moana o Toi Ki Te Uru mohoa nei
(2020), haere ake, haere ake

Thank you to everyone who had input into the development of the ‘Reimagine Us – WBOP Social Sector post Covid-19 action plan 2020 and beyond’ at the hui, via the survey or provided feedback on the draft plan/mahere.

Download the plan here.

We hope this plan captures your thoughts and aspirations for the social sector and our communities.  It is still a work in progress regarding who is to be involved.   SociaLink cannot nor should be the lead for all of the actions.  We have identified in the plan where SociaLink can take some action (note by the **) however, unless we can secure some funding, we do not have the capacity to lead or contribute to any other actions.  We really need this plan to be sector driven and funder supported so please tell us which actions you want or can contribute to or where it aligns with the mahi you are doing.

We also want this plan to be agile and responsive to the uncertain environment we find ourselves in. We will adapt the plan as required and keep you updated.

Liz Davies

General Manager

Read the Draft Plan Feedback Summary from the initial community hui,

And here for the feedback from funders and government on the draft action plan .

Update 1

We’re making good progress on some of the actions in the Action plan https://socialink.org.nz/reimagine-us/, high points are

Momenta (formerly Avalon), a local disability service provider, are keen to participate in the implementation of many of the actions, welcome aboard!  We would really appreciate any support from any community organisation.

  • SociaLink is working with providers of kai to the homeless in developing a collaborative funding proposal for a shared space to prepare and provide meals to people and whanau who are homeless
  • The General Election Candidate forum on Thursday 27 August 5-7pm  at The Kollective is a perfect opportunity to ask candidates about their party’s policies on local issues such as homelessness, poverty etc and funding for the social sector
  • SociaLink has invited Akina to talk with local Councils and the District Health Board about local social procurement i.e. how Councils etc can procure goods and services that also achieve a social or environmental outcomes e.g. employing local people who have disabilities.
  • An idea is being progressed to reduce the digital divide by sourcing laptops, devices, phones etc that are not longer wanted, then run a hackathon where local IT providers install up-to-date software, with support from Tech Soup and then distribute to those who otherwise couldn’t access digital devices along with data, which we hope telco companies may consider supporting
  • Ongoing conversations about ensuring communities and the social sector are prepared if Covid-19 were to escalate or in the event of a future pandemic.

Charities and other For-Purpose Organisation (incl 2020 Budget supports to 29 May)

JBWere – NZ COVID Government Support

Read the J B Were Technical Bulletin.

Charities and other for-purpose organisations are vital to the quality of life in New Zealand and they represent 5.3% of the country’s GDP and employ a similar proportion of the population (JBWere Cause Report)

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) poses a unique and unpredictable risk for the New Zealand economy and society as a whole, with the New Zealand for-purpose sector at one of the fault lines in navigating this challenge.

The ‘Rebuilding Together’ Budget 2020 focusses on maintaining critical support for existing public services and supporting key infrastructure investments. Many of the new initiatives are focused on jobs and training.

For the for-purpose sector there was some emergency relief in additional funding for disability support services, for family and violence services, and for community food providers. Additional funds have been set aside for non-government organisations (NGO) working with Māori, Pacific, new migrant and former refugee communities. There are also new opportunities in social procurement for eligible community organisations.

However, there is concern as to whether this is enough to support community-led recovery and development. Particularly in light of the social sector funding gap which was independently identified last year to be $630 million annually (refer Philanthropy NZ co-authored letter to Government of 1 May 2020, and follow up). This gap already was threatening the sustainability and effectiveness of our NGO social services and COVID-19 stresses the urgency to address this.

The amount of fiscal stimulus announced in Budget 2020 is large and is rightly in support of the economy through this significant period of disruption. Around $20 billion of the Budget package still remains unallocated and the opportunity remains for the Government to provide more targeted relief in supporting the structural and capability issues of the NGO and Iwi/Māori social service sector.

For now, we trust this technical bulletin assists for-purpose organisations to make the best use of the Government support packages that are currently available to them.


Health & Disability Support Staff

The Ministry of Health has created a shortlist of health and disability support staff who are available to help during New Zealand’s COVID-19 response.

Recruitment agencies can match individuals to disability support roles, including for those who use individualised funding or personal budgets. Over 3,500 workers across more than 30 fields have signed up so far, but we still want more people to register their interest.

If you are an employer who needs extra staff to help manage the COVID-19 response, please fill out our workforce request form here.

If you are a health and disability worker interested in managing the COVID-19 response, please register your interest here.  

A recruitment agency will then match you to a paid role based on your skills and availability.

You can find more information here.

On behalf of the Workforce Surge Team

COVID WBOP Social Sector survey findings report

SociaLink wished to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on Western Bay of Plenty community and social service agencies and the communities they work with, in order to inform and advocate to government and funders. To achieve this, SociaLink developed, distributed and compiled the findings of a survey investigating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and emergency response.

Download and read the Survey Infographic, and the COVID WBOP Social sector survey findings report here.

This infographic summarises the above report well.

Please Press Pause is a think piece produced by the Wise Group. It compares our old normal world with Level 4 lockdown and then talks about a possible new world. A ‘what if’ scenario.

This report summarises the findings from feedback from around New Zealand regarding the impact Covid-19 has had on communities and the social sector during the Level 4 Lockdown period.