Address: P.O. Box 36-307, Northcote, Auckland

Provides support for and publish and distribute information to groups and individuals suffering from or interested in ME/CFS including their families and carers.

Website Address: https://anzmes.org.nz/
Address: PO BOX 13413 Johnsonville

The Association’s role is to establish a national set of procedures and arrangements between the Family Court and Supervised Contact Providers, ensure that the need of any child using such a service for protection and safety is met and ensure the child’s welfare and best interests are promoted.

Address: Suite 3, 36 Cameron Road, Tauranga

Their aim is to empower people with aphasia to participate in their own communities. Aphasia is the partial or total loss of the ability to articulate ideas or comprehend spoken or written language, resulting from damage to the brain caused by injury or disease.

Address: Unit B, 383 Khyber Pass Rd, Newmarket, Auckland

Information, advice and support to help people manage their arthritis and live a productive and fulfilling life.

Address: 254 Chadwick Road

Help people with a respiratory condition with a free assessment, education and support.