Keen to help prevent people becoming homeless?

We are looking for volunteers to train to assist people with housing issues, especially legal issues, or those with problems dealing with Government Departments.

We are setting up a free, drop in clinic for people with housing issues one night a week, at the Baywide Community Law office, 63 Willow St, Tauranga

From research with many other services assisting people in Tauranga, we know that –

  • People may be passed around Government departments without getting resolution
  • HNZ and other social housing agencies may not be doing repairs, not acting when tenants are in danger, not dealing with vandalism
  • Hassles with landlords, not giving correct notice, putting rents up unjustifiably, promising to do repairs and not following through, getting bonds back are common.
  • People are not understanding or getting their legal rights, problem tenancies, getting behind with rent, dealing with garden, rubbish etc, leading to possible problems with credit rating etc.
  • Problems with flatmates
  • Problems with boarding houses

All or any of these can lead to homelessness.

At our clinic people can get advice, find out their rights, get help with forms and applications and find an advocate who will support them in discussions with landlords or Government departments.

We need different kinds of volunteers

  1. People who will interview the clients, summarise the issues and develop a plan of action with each person (with support of others in the Clinic Team) – available for an evening roster.
  2. People who will go along to appointments with client as an advocate  – available for a daytime roster
  3. A receptionist to welcome people, help them with forms and coordinate the interviews, – evenings

d.A social media person to set up facebook, twitter, instagram, post and monitor from time to time.

No legal training required. Full training provided.

Interested? Please contact –  Val Scott  – 021 996 373 or