So it’s been a rather taxing week…

  • Physically as my body fights to bounce back from an infection;
  • Professionally as I try to be in two places at once and answer multiple phone calls while I’m moving between destination A and destination B; and,
  • Emotionally as my eldest son moves out of home and to the other end of the country to start his University adventures…

And yet despite the week I am having, it is actually a pretty normal week for me.  As I wake up this morning, get the kids ready and pack a healthy lunch for the school bags (whilst trying to live up to my expectations as a mother and ensure that there isn’t too much sugar and just the right amount of protein in the lunch box), the first of my calendar reminders ping from my phone…  BLOG is due today!  And as easy as that it slipped from my mind as I rushed the kids off to their different schools and got stuck in the never-ending traffic jam of Maungatapu.  But so far so good, there was actually a car park waiting for me today, I am here on time, I have a coffee, my inbox awaits clearing, and everything is looking up… let’s get stuck into that blog!  And just like that, it slipped from my mind as I got distracted in a riveting discussion with a colleague, and the phone rang, and new emails arrived (which meant I still hadn’t got to the old ones)… but, never mind, I can do the blog after my lunch meeting (because even lunch has become an opportunity to squeeze a little more into my day).

As it turns out, my lunch meeting was so fantastic we spent two hours exploring opportunities and getting inspired by what the future might hold from our newly formed connection, it is indeed a good day!  As I wrap up the discussion I realise I have exactly 5 minutes before I need to leave to start the school pick ups for the day. I quickly pack up with velocity and power walk to my car, which brings on a new onset of overheating.  I manage to sing my heart out all the way to school (sorry if any of you happened to hear me at the lights).  Another success – I made it in time for the bell, and with a quick power walk back to car listening to school time stories I might just make it home in time for a round of snacks, quick dinner prep, and back out the door for hip hop training, swimming practice, and roller derby team trials.

Oh no!!! I forgot the BLOG.  I wish I could say that this is an unusually busy day, but if I’m being honest, this was a relatively easy day for me.  Some may call this madness, and in rare moments, and on some days, I would agree with you wholeheartedly as I collapse into bed every night willing a solid sleep to arrive.  But as I reflect on my life, I don’t think I could have it any other way.  I choose to be a working mum, so my kids are resourced, educated, healthy, motivated and living a full and happy life.  I choose to be a really involved mum, which does mean I tend to take on a lot of ‘extras’.  But it’s all part of a stage while I have young children.  Sooner or later, they will all leave home like my eldest, and that will be my time to live life differently.

The blog got done in the end… but so did meetings, dancing, swimming, roller derby and whole lot of laughter and fun!  For now, my life is not balanced, it is a little mad, BUT… it’s just right!

Jodie Robertson