Kathy Webb

Social Sector Commissioning

Social Sector Commissioning As part of the government’s goal of improving how it works with social service providers, it is planning wide community consultation on Social Sector commissioning in the first half of this year. An official update was released in August...

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Does Pay Equity Exist?

In our experience, most Not for Profit (NFP) organisations would agree that they strive to develop remuneration systems that are: Fair and equitable Defensible Transparent (some more than others) Affordable Achieving this in good times is a challenge and when the...

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Enhancing Data Skills for Social Good

The social sector has within it an enormous number of passionate, committed people, who every day put their skills, energy and the limited resources available to them to work, to enable positive changes for individuals, whānau, communities, and the causes they care so...

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Exemptions for the use of face masks

As you may be aware from today the use of masks or face coverings are mandatory for: • people travelling on public transport services in, into and out of the Auckland region (except for children under 12 years of age and a person who has a medical condition that...

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