Last time I wrote about the task for us as voters to participate in the Election.  But now is the pregnant pause while we wait for the overdue Election offspring to be delivered.  The thing about MMP scans is they don’t tell you what you’re going to get? Will it deliver a boy or a girl?   And what type of personality will it have?  Will it grow up to be a good citizen, responsible and responsive to the communities which have been part of its creation? Will it be environmentally responsible and care about those less able?  Will it deliver on all the new beginnings promised through the gestation period?  Time will tell.  In the meantime, life goes on for the rest of us.  There may be mayhem and interventions galore in the Parliamentary delivery suite but the rest of the world continues to go about its business.  No doubt the announcement will be thrilling for a while but the euphoria will be replaced with the reality of raising the new baby.