Our People

The team at SociaLink is as diverse as the sector we support; we have differing expertise and a variety of skills, but share a common goal and love for the social services sector and those fortunate enough to work in it. We look forward to engaging with you and hearing your stories. Below is a little bit about us….

Liz Davies

Liz wanted to start a bring your dog to work policy, but as our office is really small and her dog is really big, plans had to be temporarily shelved. Fortunately she is very smart and persuasive, and has persuaded TECT to build a big shiny new building, big enough for herself, her dog and anyone else who’d like to join her.


But Seriously

  • A ‘jill of all trades’ who has worked in youth health, education and training, public health, social policy and planning, community development, child protection, mental health and management for over 25 years
  • Has a Bachelor and Masters of Social Work
  • Worked for over 10 years in the Western Bay of Plenty as well as in Melbourne, London, the Pacific and Asia.

Jenny Corry

Jenny is not afraid to ask questions, which is what makes her a very good interviewer; she is also not afraid to make banana cake with left over bananas, and bring it in to share with the rest of us, which is what makes her a very valuable member of our team.

But seriously

Jenny is a:

  • connector
  • campaigner
  • reporter
  • interviewer, and has:
  • Master Social Science (Psychology)
  • Post Graduate Diploma Community Psychology
  • 16 years experience in the social services sector

Gordy Lockhart

Gordy is originally from Scotland. He had to move, as it was too cold to wear his huge collection of gaudy shirts (which are a real sight for sore eyes). He has been slowly adjusting to life in NZ by learning English. We can understand him most of the time, the rest of the time we just nod and stare hypnotically at his shirts.


But Seriously

Gordy has many years of experience under his belt in…

  •  Business & HR management consultancy
  • Systems and process development
  • Marketing & digital presence
  • Innovation & new concept development

Jodie Robertson

Jodie is our very own Wonder Woman, we have lost count of the roles she has at SociaLink, but she somehow manages to find time to do the school run and kick butt at Roller Derby. Jodie loves to accessorise with unusual items of household furnishings; as a precaution we have decided to hide all the paper clips.



 But Seriously

Iwi: Ngāi Te Rangi, Ngāti Ranginui, Ngāti Maniapoto

A mum of 5 and,

  • 15 years experience in evaluation research and service review
  • 10 years experience in consultation across the health and education sectors
  • 15 years in project management

Tracy Stockman

Tracy is our financial goddess, she loves budgets and forecasts, and is able to count using more than her own body parts. The rest of us are also very good at maths, and know that there is only one of her and that she was employed not a fraction too soon.


But Seriously

Over 30 years administration and accounts experience
– Over 10 years Operational Management experience in Private Sector
– Over 10 years experience in the not-for-profit sector – funding, sponsorship and project management
– Extensive Project & Event Management experience

Kathy Webb

Kathy has been working in the social sector forever, and there is no one she doesn’t know. She can get you anything you need, no questions asked; and often has an abundance of things that she would like to get rid of, anything from bookmarks to bunnies.


But Seriously

  • 10 years experience in community development with local government
  • 15 years experience with a variety of community organisations at staff and board level
  • A broad knowledge of the not for profit sector in the western Bay of Plenty and nationally.

Laura Wragg

Hailing originally from middle Englandshire. Our Laura is a bit of a worry. While an astonishingly good and committed organizer, marketer,  administrator and general “oh, so you do that” type person, Laura has a worrying paranoia over unnecessary plastics use and is our environmental conscience. But between her love of suspiciously large beanies and welcoming smile, we love our Laura.


But Seriously

  • Bachelor of Information Systems
  • Post Graduate Diploma Teaching
  • 10 years experience in systems safety consultancy
  • 10 years experience in project management/business development