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I know – some people don’t like Facebook. But its a great way to get snippets of info out immediately. And you dont have to post, you can just stalk us. We post at least once a day about something that is of interest to the sector here in WBOP. Here are the last few posts we put up.

  • Kids in poverty miss start of school year, as siblings share one uniform – Stuff
  • The big show that saves lives – NZ Herald
  • Tō Ao, Tō Reo: Your World, Your Voice
  • Cannabis – How it affects our health – an easy to read report from the Royal Society Te Apārangi

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Are you worried about the impacts of poverty on children?

SociaLink have invited the Child Poverty Action Group to come to Tauranga to meet with the social sector as an opportunity to learn more about what they do and what issues they are tackling. SociaLink also wants to gauge interest in establishing a local child poverty action network. There are similar networks operating in different parts of Aotearoa and can pretty much be as active as we want it to be If there is interest SociaLink is happy to support the running of such a group, equally we are happy if another organisation wishes to support such a network. Georgie Craw from the Child Poverty Action Group and Alan Johnson from Salvation Army Policy group will be visiting The Kollective on Monday 24 February at 1.00pm. If you’re interested in joining the conversation email: kathy@socialink.org.nz If you are interested in how child poverty is measured, visit CPAGs website – it’s very clever!

Meet our newest team member

Liz Flaherty is fairly well known in the social sector here in the WBOP. She has over 25 years’ experience working in social services as an educator, family violence advocate, community development practitioner and researcher. As our new Community Insights Lab Manager she will be doing more detailed planning for the CIL, build relationships with holders of data and start using data to help the sector.  What does all this mean? The sector will soon have access to more detailed data to support informed decision making. They will have support to access information that is now available and the ability to mash data for more complex solutions. Part of the programme will be about educating what is possible, learning the language of data and exploring more options and solutions. At the moment Liz is still setting systems up and getting to know people around the sector. Feel free to contact Liz on lizflaherty@socialink.org.nz, or by phone on 021 193 5218.

Connect with a mentor to grow your leadership in NFP organisations

First, we meet with you to learn your specific goals, existing challenges and areas you’d like to improve in as a leader. Next, our orientation programme prepares you to maximise the mentoring relationship. Once completed, we connect you with a mentor who can help you meet your goals. We have a pool of mentors from all sorts of sectors, so you get a valuable outside perspective on your work. From here, you and your mentor will meet at least once per month, for six months. Typically, you will discuss progress against your goals and any successes and challenges since the previous meeting. Then, you’ll make a plan for what you are going to achieve in the following month, which is reported on in the next session. Read more specifics here and apply

Want to have a highly charged and productive board? Here are two options:


No. 1

In partnership with BayTrust, Exult will be running a Governance Workshop in Tauranga on Saturday 29th February 2020, 9.30am – 4pm. We have space for 8 organisations to attend this heavily subsidised session.  Please note, your organisation will need to meet Bay Trust funding criteria in order to take part. Read more and book

No. 2

IoD’s Not-for-Profit Governance Essentials in Tauranga at a reduced cost!
Gain a confident grasp of robust board processes, good decision-making, and board operations in a not-for-profit context with this Institute of Directors course. Course description In this one-day course you will learn the roles and responsibilities of the board and directors from a not-for-profit perspective. At the end of the course you will have a confident grasp of board relationships, robust processes, good decision-making, and the main elements of board operations. Content covered
  • Governance, legal, and regulatory framework essentials
  • Board charters, the role of the board, culture and ethics, and board composition
  • Board protocols, meetings, and papers
  • Board and management relationships and succession planning
Date:  24 March 2020  Time: 8.30am – 5pm.
Cost: Non-IoD members: $450 incl (usually $1080) IoD members $380 incl (usually $850) Read more and book

A very interesting read

Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions

by Johann Hari What really causes depression and anxiety – and how can we really solve them? Award-winning journalist Johann Hari suffered from depression since he was a child and started taking antidepressants when he was a teenager. He was told that his problems were caused by a chemical imbalance in his brain. As an adult, trained in the social sciences, he began to investigate whether this was true – and he learned that almost everything we have been told about depression and anxiety is wrong. Available on Amazon


Manager – Welcome Bay Community Centre 30 hours per week – focusing on community wellness and development for Welcome Bay, Hairini, Maungatapu, Poike. For more information please email: centremanager@welcomebay.org.nz

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